Canadian Dad neglected by his children whilst in hospital, does the unthinkable.

How often should an adult visit their elderly parents?

It’s a much disputed topic and it all boils down to how well you get on, and how much help they need and of course, how close you live.

For one elderly gentleman, 83 year old Charlie Thomas Murphy, he felt his kids were not visiting him enough and could do much more to repay him for the life he gave them as children.

“Charlie” had 3 children who were all living within a half hours’ drive to his house and the hospital in which he often resided due to his deteriorating health.

Sadly, Charlie only saw his children and grandchildren once per year. This was on his birthday in October, but this year, they had failed to even do that.

Charlie was upset. He had lost his wife over 8 years ago and he was incredibly lonely.

He may be old, but Charlie liked keeping up with the currently technology – he had a fairly ancient laptop but liked to check his social media. If he couldn’t see his grandkids in reality, he could at least see numerous photos posted on social media.

He also was a part of a group for the cricket club down the road – they did a great roast dinner on Sundays and he decided he would spend his birthday afternoon there when his children never bothered turning up.

He wrote a post on the group – saying that it was his birthday and he would be coming for a roast for dinner – and if he could perhaps book a table for one. He soon started getting lots of “likes” and comments from members, wishing him a happy birthday, and even asking if they could join him for dinner.

Charlie was in shock and felt a real sense of happiness at the kindness of these strangers.

“Day to day, I do not have much interaction with other people. I had lost a lot of faith in humans since my failed relationship with my children. I spend all my time with my 3 cats – Jaffa, Wicket and Yorker.”

On arrival at the cricket club, Charlie was astounded to see people gathered and waiting for HIM

They had even arranged a cake and some balloons.

“It made me remember why I’m still alive”, Charlie exclaimed through tears

This interaction really can make the world of difference to an elderly person. Statistics say that 3/4 of elderly people are lonely.

Do your bit and simply start a conversation with a new friend today. You never know what good you can do.



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