Guy goes out for a quiet drink in Winnipeg, wakes up in New York!

It all happened after the 21-year-old headed out for, you know, a ‘few quiet drinks’ at his local in Winnipeg, but was left massively out of pocket having flown on the solo trip to New York.

According to Alex, all he had with him were the ‘clothes on his back, and a carrier bag containing a phone charger, sunglasses, spare change, ID etc’.

He told us:

I’m not a heavy drinker and I never have pre-drinks but this time we were drinking all day and night and I even bought a $90 bottle of champagne, it tasted disgusting but I wanted to splurge a bit, just for banter! YOLO

Me and my friend James had been out the last couple of weekends which is unusual for us but we were just enjoying life and having fun. But I ended up losing him and I went for late night food at a chicken shop which is next to the bus station and I saw a coach heading to the airport.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘it would be nice to fly away somewhere’.

The next thing I had a really vivid dream that I was on a plane – it was very, very realistic, but I didn’t think much of it and just went back to sleep. I woke up when we were landing and I was so confused.

I spoke to my friends who informed me of my journey through what I had posted on social media

The whole thing actually happened and was well-documented on his Snapchat, according to his mates.


Now, I’ve had some big nights out, but these are something else altogether.

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